Shears and breaks are able to handle a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and materials. We design and fabricate a variety of standard and custom components to best meet individual requirements.

Air handling, ventilation, enclosures, adapters. They all use sheet-metal fabrication in some form. Because of our volume of requirements, MDF has metal fabrication equipment to meet the the standard and specialized needs of customers.

We can shear, bend and shape plate steel and light gauge galvanized, coated or stainless-steel sheet metal. This capability has a number of beneficial effects. First, it lowers our cost for special fabrications, reduces the time it requires for components, and allows us to take projects that others would have to sub-contract. With engineering, field installation and fabrication all under one roof, customers gain single-point accountability, and greater quality control from concent through implementation.

Sheet metal capabilities allow us to manufacturer special outdoor chillers and condensers, special air handlers, pre-fabricated ventilation or service runs, special adapters and configurations.

Well equipped, skilled sheet metal mechanics are able to take concepts and engineering drawings to completed products quackly, conssistently, and at lowest total cost.

Custom, high-pressure blower with low-temp process air cooling coils. Designed to deliver pressurized, filtered air at 27 degrees for an industrial process


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